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Scary Bill | Feb 15, 201210:25 AM

So, here I am content drinking coffee so long as it is a continental or French roast, buying 5 pound bags because, well, it's cheaper and you don't run out as soon. I figured all the blather I heard from coffee experts was, well, just blather and pretension.

Then I visited a friend who roasts his own coffee weekly. He gives me a few lessons on the "art of coffee" and "coffee as a fine wine", and sends me home with a few bags of different coffees that he had roasted within the previous 2-3 days.

So now I realise what crap I had been drinking all of my life and I can't go back to it. I have to have the freshest roasted coffee, no more that a few days old when purchased (as I refuse to become too wierd about it and will not start roasting my own!), and I crave variety. And to top it off, I now go through the added effort of using a single serve french press!!!

So, help me before I run out of my friend's roasted efforts and tell me who sells the freshest roasts in the city, and preferably in smaller quantities, and who uses roasting dates instead of best before dates.

(I did look at the past posts and do have a few names to try, though any updates would be helpful)


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