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Yummy Grill

zsero | Jan 30, 2011 06:31 PM

This is a newish Caucasian/Israeli place on Kings Highway and about E 5th St, and I tried it tonight.

As soon as I sat down I got a hot pita, some spicy tomato dip, pickles, radishes and some sort of green. No olives, for which I was thankful since it meant the pickles were free of that horrid olive taste, but I imagine that if I liked them I'd take quite a different attitude. But also no water, which puzzled me. More about that later.

There are three soups: Chicken matzah ball, vegetable, or lamb. Lamb soup sounded as if it might be authentically Caucasian, and indeed it was (at least as I understand what authentic Caucasian lamb soup should be). It was spicy, rich, with lots of rice on the bottom, and two chunks of bone which were clearly not for chewing on. No chunks of gristly lamb that I was fearing, based on my previous experiences with this cuisine. It was delicious, and I would definitely have it again.

Kutab turned out to be a pancake that seemed to have been coated in oil, folded over, and a thin layer of hamburger smeared in between. It was OK, but I don't think I'd order it again.

Pilaff was about the only Caucasian-sounding item on the main course menu; the rest of it looked like the same skewers and shnitzels and merguez that one can get at any Israeli place. It was quite spicy, and came with three chicken legs. Nummy.

Service was reasonable most of the time, except for the fact that my water glass wasn't filled until towards the end of the meal I asked for water; and again whenever I wanted it refilled I had to ask for it. And a person at the table next to me had ordered tea and it never came, until eventually they gave up on it.

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