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Don't yuck my yum, but please feel free to judge my personal health choices

Kontxesi | Sep 12, 201311:03 AM

I really enjoy having a place to go to talk to like-minded people about delicious foods, but I've been noticing something that's really starting to get to me.

Whenever someone asks a question about low-fat this, how to make this healthier, etc., half of the replies are "why would you eat low fat anyway" or "that's not a good definition of healthy" or "there is nothing wrong with this additive and you are dumb for trying to eliminate it from your diet" or "you obviously need to do some research".

Why are we so against "yucking someone else's yum", but feel the need to police what other people are doing on their journey towards good health? If someone wants to eliminate guar gum from their diet, why does it hurt your feelings? If I'm using low-fat dressing because I'm trying to lose weight, why does it make you so upset? I'm not making YOU eat it.

What a person eats is a personal choice. Just answer their question (or don't!) and stop trying to feel superior by judging their choices. (Unless of course their question was "how do you feel about my lifestyle choices?" then please, feel free.)

Maybe this should go in the Site Talk board, but this is where I'm seeing this the most often and I needed to vent about it.

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