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“You’ll not tell me to leave my dog at home”

SamuelAt | Jan 10, 201805:58 PM     39

It’s been a while since my GF and I hosted a party, but after my colleague “Roz” hosted her annual “Christmas Blowout” complete with Peppermint Punch we got a bit of a hankering. Though we’ve observed some social gaffes over the years from “Roz” and her BF “Jim”, we had a blast at her party and as usual my GF’s hostess offering of Swedish Meatballs were a hit (even if the GF did call around to tell friends not to duplicate her offering, making a few of her friends mad she has “claimed them”).

“Roz” loves to brow beat me as a “hermit” and a “stick in the mud”, and did after a few, so the GF and I decided after some Peppermint Punch (“Rocket fuel!” as “Roz” calls it) we’d have a “Top your bagel” party with fancy coffees to try something different. Our condo parking fills up at night so we figured as a bonus people could find a spot daytime.

Last Saturday we invited “Roz”, “Jim” (her BF) and 4 other couples over for our “Top your bagel” brunch. My GF went overboard with the toppings—as usual she thought of everything. We had savory toppings (all styles of cream cheese, roasted vegetables, ham, hard boiled eggs, ravioli) and sweet toppings (chocolate chips, dulce de leche, whipped cream). We also got out a coffe urn my GF got free at a catering gig.

When the guests arrived with mixers we started right in with fun until “Roz” and “Jim” arrived. I was happy to see them, but less so their dog Cranberries. We have white carpets and are a “dog free” zone. Cranberries is a small white dog. My GF melts for Cranberries when we visit “Roz” but we’ve never invited her to bring Cranberries.

I asked “Roz” to keep Cranberries in our garage, but she insisted “The garage is for cars. It is cold and Cranberries is better behaved than you are”. When I consulted with my GF she said “not near the food!” as she observed ham being tossed to Cranberries. So I put my foot down and told Roz “Cranberries has to wait in the garage”. Our garage is semi heated btw. “Roz” called my GF a “mean girl” and said “you’ll not tell me to keep my dog at home”. It was tense and they left when “Jim” finished his sweet bagel.

Our other guests told us they all agreed we were being fair even though they would not have minded Cranberries running around. “Roz” has been a little distant since, and I was with “Jim” at the local sports bar for a game and he was a little sullen and said “Roz needs time”. I’m baffled but assume Chowhounders would agree I was within my rights. I don’t want this to be too much of an issue with them—we love “Roz’s” parties, and “Jim” and I like to hit golf balls.

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