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Do New Yorkers remember?

ClaireS50 | Aug 19, 201707:04 PM

Anyone from New York ( from upstate too!) remember the big bad 70s? The heyday of processed foods! Remember when:

+ Crisco, margarine and corn oil were the go to cooking fats?
+ 2%,1,and skim milk were healthy and popular while whole milk was treated like liquid cyanide?
+ who needed fresh ( germ ridden), meat, and produce when you could very easily buy them canned, deep frozen or wrapped in at least 3 layers of plastic?
+ The more artificial colors and flavors your packed school lunch had the cooler you were?
+yogurt was all flavored and lowfat?
+the more pizzas, burgers, sodas, hot dogs, tacos( etc) you ate the more popular you were?
+ ice cream had at least 30 additives and was made with oil ( instead of eggs and cream)?
+ Eggs had a very pale yolk as they were all from battery hens?

I remember European friends visiting New York back then actually lost weight because they couldn't stomach the fake food.

I wonder how many of the 40-60 year old New Yorkers who grew up eating this now have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and cancer?

Isnt it even stranger and ironic that young aged under 35 millennials (out of all people) are bringing back the " uncool old fashioned" foods your great great grandparents ate? Things like free range eggs with the feathers still stuck to it, organic ugly looking but flavorful vegetables/fruit, fresh creamy full fat milk with the original 4% fat content, game meat, foraged produce, lard and butter.

I think we are going full circle!

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