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New Yorker Article

Zack Manzor | Aug 28, 2001 09:49 PM

I was wondering if anyone read the article in the latest edition of the New Yorker magazine which featured Jim Leff and his reference to Amba? I felt it necessary to correct Mr. Leff on both is identification and his assumption that the food is rare. Firstly, the pickled mango sauce is not only known by Iraqi Jews, and it is certainly not as rare as he seems to believe. Secondly, you can find the product imported from India in just about any Arab grocer in the country, labled as Sliced Pickled Mango. Nothing ground breaking, new, or truly special about the sauce, and certainly it won't impress any Iraqi Jews you might happen upon on the streets of NY(me included.) I guess Mr. Leff's obvious enthusiasm got the best of him there, but you really should check your facts the next time.

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