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"New York" Pizza in Salerno, Italy


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"New York" Pizza in Salerno, Italy

Peter Cherches | Apr 4, 2006 02:14 PM

I've wondered about this ever since I spent a couple of days in Salerno a few years back, as a base for Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast.

The bulk of restaurants in Salerno were pizzerias, and they all served pizza that was akin to NY pizza--bigger pies and thicker crust than in most of Italy. They were similar to the kinds of pies you'd get at Lombardi's or Totonno's.

New York-style pizza is known as Neapolitan, but from what I understand the contemporary Neapolitan pizza is smaller & thinner crust (I've never been to Naples).

Salerno is not too far from Naples. I'm wondering if the Salerno pizza is a throwback to the 19th century Neapolitan style that may have been the inspiration for New York pizza, of if somehow Salerno adopted New York-style pizza more recently.

Any ideas, anybody?


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