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ganeden | Jan 19, 201006:30 AM

In another thread on Chowhound, I asserted that it is rare for yeshivas to go a day without serving meat. First of all, I should have said fleishigs rather than meat, because more often than not, it is poultry rather than red meat. This is based upon my sons' experiences over the years at Mesivta of greater Los Angeles (Calabasas), Shvilay Hatalmud (Lakewood), Ner Israel (Baltimore) and the Mir, one son having been in yeshiva for 9 years, another finishing up his fourth. More often than not, the experience has been accompanied by a dearth of natural fibers and green vegetables, and it has been an ongoing complaint of mine- not only do they serve an inherently unhealthy diet, they also limit physical activity. The question is: How widespread is this, and how long has this been going on? Another poster stated that when he was in yeshiva (I am assuming many years ago, but it could be an invalid assumption), it was rare for his yeshivas to serve meat. Is this limited to certain yeshivas, certain types of yeshivas, certain geographic regions, and is this a relatively new phenomenon, or has it long been the standard of yeshivas which provide the sustenance for their talmidim? I note that in days of yore, many yeshivas in the "old country" provided very little for the bachurim, and the standard was to rotate meals with balei batim, so I don't know when yeshivas began providing the bulk of the sustenance for their talmidim.

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