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Yellow Curry Powder smell?


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Yellow Curry Powder smell?

tracylee | Apr 8, 2011 09:33 AM

When I was growing up, the only curry my Mom knew was the yellow powder. Over the years I developed a huge aversion to the smell and taste. A couple of years ago, I was in a large, open restaurant with a curry dish on the menu, and it looked like only a couple of people had ordered it, but I could smell it throughout the restaurant.

My boyfriend loves spice blends, and had a 4-pack of Mohini curry blends at a very reasonable price. I bit the bullet, decided I would live with the curry smell for him, and bought it. Much to my surprise, not one of them smells anything like the yellow curry I can't stand. Not a whiff or hint of it.

I've searched the web and compared ingredients between yellow curry powder and the Mohini blends: and all of the ingredients seem to be the same. This has been driving me nuts since we received these blends, and now I think I've missed out on alot by avoiding all things curry.

Does anyone know what the difference in smell might be? Is it the proportion of fenugreek? We did decide that next time we're in the loose spice aisle that I should smell some and see.

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