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Yefsi (UES)

ipsedixit | Mar 20, 2013 07:57 AM

Tried Yefsi last night, was a bit shocked to see no prior mentions of the place on Chowhound, so I was a bit hesitant.

But it turned out to be a good gamble.

Dining alone, I stuck to the mezedes, which the place has a large selection of.

Crab cakes were light and although the cakes had some sort of filling in them, they did not obfuscate the taste of the crab nor make them heavy. Crispy but tender, these were very good.

Also tried the shrimp, which were sauteed with giant white flat beans and plated with tart cherry tomato sauce. The sauce was fantastic, a bit sweet and just acidic enough to balance the brininess of the shrimp.

My last choice was a decision between grilled octopus or calf liver. I went with the land choice, and part of me wished I had chosen the octopus instead. Not that the liver was bad, but it just didn't shine the same way that the shrimp or crab did.

Good meal all around. Give it a whirl next time you're in the area or visit Central Park.

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