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Year Review of Moderate Roman dining

Pappardelle | Apr 27, 200812:05 AM

Here is a summary of my Rome recommendations, some which have been reiterated by CH here, some not. As I am about to leave Rome in a month or two, I want to share with people some of the places I have frequented this year, and, hopefully, get a few recommendations to top off my gastronomical experience! All restaurants apart from Antico Arco and Primo are in the cheap/moderate range - 25 - 45ish euro w/ house wines. Keep in mind that I never eat dessert, I don't get first and second all the time though, and I often share plates with my partner. I am no expert, but I have been eating out in Rome for years and have recently tried a lot of the less expensive recommendations on this site or in Gambero Rosso. I know I am forgetting some places.

VATICAN/PRATI area, which is my neighborhood:

Bibi e Romeo - Via della Giuliana 87 - A traditional, Roman fish restaurant I found in Gambero Rosso; Great Rombo e patate al forno - one of my favorite Roman dishes of all time that I hope I will someday learn to make well at home!

Trattoria Micci - Via Andrea Doria - I haven't been floored by pastas but I adore their pizzas, which have a very original crust - it tastes almost buttery or something. I get 4 formaggi con rughetta, and they remember every time, because I think it might be a bit weird!

Hostaria Giacomelli - Via Faa di Bruno 25 - it has great, cheap pizza in a very Roman atmosphere; I always get the pizza with zucchine. Never tried their pasta but the portions are insanely big. I like that there are three sizes to their pizzas.

Osteria del' Angelo - Via G. Bettolo - solid, Roman food, yummy polpette with pine nuts and raisins or something, cicoria passata, 25 euro fixed price for dinner.


Antico Arco - I had an amazing experience for my 30th birthday this year - the risotto and cacio e pepe are out of this world.


Le Mani in Pasta - I can't remember street - good pasta and fish.

PARIS - lovely place with delicious Roman food. Spaghetti con vongole - another favorite of mine.

Bir e Fud - Via Benedetta 23 - molto trendy pizzeria near Tiber - good beer, wonderful ingredients - pizza parmigiana e the pizza with extra bufula mozzarella on it - perfect. They own Pizzarium, the take-away pizza place off Via Cipro near the metro, also delicious


Il Sanpietrino - Piazza Constagiuti - better than all the other moderate places in the area. Fritti are amazing. They had fried blood oranges and exquisite carciofi when I went in January. I had a Sicilian pasta dish - their tomato sauce was something special.


Settimio al Pellegrino - Via del Pellegrino 117 - simple, fresh, traditional Roman - great involtini.

Crudo - Via degli Specchi 6 - when broke, I get an aperitvo and their yummy antipasto buffet with lots of carb salads to fill up.


La Piazetta - best Rombo ever! Thanks, Maureen, if you are listening!

Cafe Cafe - great for wine, panini, and salad with guests in town. Why am I forgetting the street!


Paladium wine bar - Via Frattina - yummy wines and cheese from Lazio - a great deal for the quality! There are also firsts and seconds. Are they good?


Desiderio preso per la coda - Via Palombo - innovative, seasonal ingredients, but inexpensive. I haven't been there in several months, I always liked their risotto. A friend thought her primo was over salted but a lot of people say that about Roman food when they aren't used to the salt.

Da Tonino on Governo Vecchio - Cheap, old school Roman trattoria - I know it isn't top knotch, but it scratches an itch in an area with insanely priced food.

TESTACCIO - Pyramid stop

Da Felice - Via Mastro Giorgio 29 - Traditional Roman, very good deal for the quality.

Da Oio a Casa Mia - Via Galvani 43 - Known for their meats, especially "inner" ones.
There is something about the Carbonara that is so yummy. I know it is more soupy but so satisfying.

Hang Zhou - Chinese - certain dishes are yummy - maiale con cipollina and qualcosa - and a lot fresher than typical Chinese places here, which are hands down NAST! I haven't tried Green T near the Pantheon, because it seems on the pricey side but it is praised here.

Primo - Via del Pignetto - Very good but not all that. I had the infamous artichoke with squid. Tasty but not as good as the pork, which is something special.
Atmosphere: I felt like I needed a complete makeover afterward which, for me, detracts from the experience of chowing down - my greatest pleasure in the world! I get nervous and distracted in places where everyone looks super primped and trendy, but maybe that is because I am a midwesterner!!

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