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It's been a year?


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It's been a year?

jhopp217 | Apr 16, 2012 03:11 AM

I have changed my eating habits a bit for various reasons. Some good reasons. Some due to conditions (stove is broken) and some just because In grew tired of the products. I started making a mental list last night of things I used to always have in my fridge or pantry, but haven't bought in over a year. Some of these even baffle me.

Pasta...just sick of it
Butter...only used it for cooking and have been limited
Bell Peppers - just too expensive
American Cheese - I have given it up. Doesn't have a taste, unless on grilled cheese.
Apples - I have eaten apples many times, but never bought them.
A loaf of bread - I've bought baguettes and rolls, but no loaves of bread. I don't eat it often enough
Cold Cuts - more dietary reasons. I have ordered sandwiches out, but infrequently.
Tabasco Sauce - I found Sriracha and gave up Tabasco.
Ketchup - I find I really don't make anything at home that I put it on and don't love it.

I'm sure there are others, but can't think of any that I always use to have in the house.
Does anyone else have an odd list of "essentials" they've lost touch with?

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