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Say "Yahoo" to the best thing you ever bought!!

breadchick | Apr 7, 201204:17 PM

I have several things that I've purchased over the years, and once in a great while the "of course you can have this" fairies whoosh down and do indeed produce the kitchen gear that kicks _ss. It might be the perfect size cookware, the family recipe that needed this pan/cookware/gadget, or just - something that you always wished YOU could have created and WOW found!

This is just one example: I always like the A/C 4 quart saute, but hated that - #1 I didn't have a lid and #2 it had that "groan" handle.

A/C fairies to the rescue: I have been thrilled with the 4 quart sauteuse with a - YES - domed lid AND short handles. Perfect for small braises and pasta sauces. Did they hear my prayers?

Another example: I'm now praying that the folks that make the Epicurean boards make a larger size - I need one that's at least 18 x 24.

Think of this as not Field of Dreams, but more like if you want it, it will show up and you will buy it no matter what.

Dream on...

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