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ya think CH moderators are harsh? here's a frame of reference/perspective

hill food | Mar 30, 2012 10:42 PM

on FB I received this twice tonight:

"Are you sure you want to post this?
If your comment is irrelevant or inappropriate, you may be be blocked from commenting on public posts. Please review your comment before posting."

both in direct response to a friend's posts. once I was comparing insect nests to certain thoughts on 20thc architecture and another agreeing that a picture of an elderly lesbian couple was sort of sweet. irrelevant or inappropriate for CH oh yes. FB not at all.

I found the request strange and thought the recent complaints about over moderation here to reaffirm the CH approach. if my comment was offensive just cut it, don't ask me to 2nd guess a completely innocuous remark. I guess FB has the software and CH does it by hand. but the difference in approach was striking. I prefer the CH hands-on approach rather than wondering "WTF did I say?" here I usually do understand if I stop to think about it. using a logorithm is just weird.

so we may not always agree with the PTB but we are getting some level of personal attention.

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