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Xmas dinner dessert

Jasz | Dec 21, 200910:37 AM

Hi all,

I was planning on making individual lava cakes with gingerbread and Bailey's ice cream for dessert on Christmas. Now my aunt says that she'll be bringing a traditional Greek dessert (yes, with total expectation that it will be served—my mom told her to when she asked what she could bring). My mom is also making a walnut cake and some other Greek sweets.

I know at least half of the guests will opt for my aunt's dessert ("better than the Canadian stuff"—though they would happily eat "the Canadian stuff" if there wasn't another option) and the others will be happy enough with my mom's sweets. Unfortunately, as you know, you can't have "just a bite" of a lava cake—it's all or nothing.

Here are my questions:
1. Should I go ahead and make the lava cakes anyway, knowing some/many will go uneaten?
2. If not, should I serve the ice creams on their own?

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