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Help with WW bread recipe using Bosch Compact Mixer


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Help with WW bread recipe using Bosch Compact Mixer

Thanks4Food | Mar 2, 2013 11:43 AM

This YouTube video convinced me to purchase a Bosch Compact Mixer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zIjFP... It's a long video so I'll just give you the ingredients here:

3 c water about 100 degrees
1/3 c canola oil--half coconut oil, optionally
6 3/4 WW flour
1 T vital wheat gluten
1 T dough enhancer
1 T salt
1 T SAF yeast

Mix all at once (in mixer) 6-8 minutes. Makes 3 1.25 lb loaves

Okay, so I was going to attempt it, but then tried to find the recipe written somewhere to make sure I got everything. On the website for Bosch Kitchen Center (the folks that made the video), they have a recipe here: http://www.mykitchencenter.com/recipe... for the Bosch Compact Mixer that is slightly different:

3 cups hot tap water
1/3 cup oil
1/3 cup honey
1 T salt
2 T Vital Gluten
1 T Dough Enhancer
2 T SAF instant yeast
7-8 cups freshly milled whole wheat flour

So my questions are,
#1 I don't have dough enhancer, is it necessary?
#2 I'd rather not add honey as in the second recipe, but do you think it's necessary?
#3 Why do you think the second recipe calls for twice the amount of gluten and yeast as the first one?
#4 I intend to use white whole wheat flour: do you think this will change anything in the procedure?

I suppose I should just make a single loaf of bread for now till I get answers to the above questions. Don't want to waste the ingredients and effort on 3 loaves that might fail.


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