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OK, So I Was Wrong! Wine and Thai Food


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OK, So I Was Wrong! Wine and Thai Food

bob192 | Mar 6, 2004 01:27 PM

Enjoying my latest pot of Masaman Chicken Curry, this one made with a seriously large dose of Mae Ploy paste and loads of everything else including shrimp paste, just to see what happens when the envelope is stretched (see "Better Than Sriraphai - Thanks!" on Outer Boroughs 2/7/04 as my entry to learning to cook Thai) and reflecting on the recent ChrisZ/Chicago Mike comments on Schmitt Sohne Riesling (see Guy's "Sriraphai- What to Get?" on Outer Boroughs 2/25/04) methinks Hah! I'll try this great Vacqueryas from my "cellar" and confirm my prejuidice, red works with anything (I drink it with seafood regularly, it ain't white but it ain't bad) and sure enough, it was good, particularly working off the chicken, as was the excellent Morgon the next night. But standing at the credit-card line at Warehouse, B'way at Astor Place, lo and behold, there was a small bin full of 1/4 bottles of Schmitt Sohne, just $1.99 each, so I grab one and chill it to try against the seriously fruity beaujolais, and sure enough, it wasn't just some better, it was loads better. Believe it or not, it was still flavorful even though a '98, downright delicious in fact, with no angles at all, I could have easily downed a whole bottle. So, while I don't have the $50 ChrisZ recommends for the high-price numbers, I'm going right back over to Warehouse after typing this to clean out the bin, even the cheap stuff matches with Thai wonderfully. I'm a convert!

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