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What did I do wrong to my Lemon Sands?


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What did I do wrong to my Lemon Sands?

marcia | Jun 18, 2006 06:28 PM

I made Will Owen's Lemon Sands cookies the other night. (Linked below) The dough was very dry and on the verge of being crumbly. The balls of dough never spread out. I got very dry, ever so slightly salty, faintly lemony, ball shaped cookies. Not good.

I (believe I) followed the recipe precisely with the following small (?) variations:

I didn't have Meyer lemon, so I used regular lemon juice in the same amount.

I used Silpat, rather than parchment.

I have Buford baking powder. The jar doesn't say double acting, although their website says that it is. The baking powder is still good.

Rather than measuring the butter the usual way -- taking a stick of butter and then measuring and cutting another 2 tablespoons, I, for various reasons, used 5 oz as measured on an accurate digital scale.

I used Diamond kosher salt, in the amount called for. (Usually I up the amount some if I'm using kosher salt and it wasn't specifically called for.)

Do you think I just lost track and put in too much flour or did one of my "minor" variations ruin them?

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