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Did I do wrong?


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Did I do wrong?

aggiecat | May 27, 2011 02:37 PM

Ok, I've search this board and the site and don't see a recent post on this one so, I'm going to go ahead with the post.

Did I make a major cultural faux pas? We are the den leaders for our son's Cub Scout pack. A while back we hosted a pinewood derby car carving/den meeting as we have a good size garage, tools etc. and, we're nuts to boot.

I made and bought cookies (nuts, no nuts, choco, no choco, eggless etc.) and cocoa and lemonade for the boys and akelas (moms, dads or guardians.) A Mom who I believe is Chinese, but I'm not positive surprised me when she showed up with a whole, ginromous, pumpkin pie from Sam's. Now I'm not dissing the pie source, but I was completely surprised that what was clearly intended as a hostess gift was a whole custard pie.

I offered profuse thanks, and discretely put the pie on the counter and then continued to help wrangle big and small boys with sharp tools. When snack time came, I put out the cookies and thermoses of cocoa, ptucher of lemonade and paper cups and napkins. I didn't serve the pie as, I don't have that many plates and forks to serve 20 people pie unless I plan ahead and have bought disposables or borrowed from family. Seriously! I have a fairly well stocked kitchen but serving up a gift pie was simply not on my radar.

Of course she didn't say anything but, now I'm wondering if I've committed a cultural oopsie. I don't think that I would have changed what I did, unless I knew in advance that I was committing a major mistake. Communication/language difficulties are also a factor here since I'm an English and Spanish speaker and not even a dabbler in the Asian languages.

FWIW: this was offered as a regular den meeting and never in the past has anyone been expected to bring anything unless they had signed up in advance for snacks or water. Granted those had typically been at school or at the park and this was our home. But still, I'd like to know for the future. So I can do better next time. And if she invites us to her home I want to be sure I don't show up without the appropriate gift or bring something that would be inappropriate.

Ok, we served the pie later that weekend for a family dinner and it was pretty awful. And my ingrate hubby said the cocoa was too rich!!! Yes, he did end up doing all the dishes for that one. I wasn't aware cocoa could be too rich. Too sweet yes, but too creamy?

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