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wrapping up the leftovers

foodwhisperer | Jan 18, 201210:32 PM

I never used to take home food that was left over. Then on occasion I would have a place wrap it up and I would give it to the first homeless person that asked for change. Most often I would forget it in my car and it would stink the car up. In any case, lately I have been asking restaurants to give me a doggy bag. It is so good to have some good stuff hanging around in the fridge. For example, just a ferw minutes ago here is what i had. Oh , I hope it isn't a crime to mix foods from different places in one plate. I had Ebi Shinjo ( shrimp croquette) and fried chicken from EN, porterhouse from Wolfgang, pork belly stew from 456, and risotto with pig feet from Hakata Ton Ton and lechon kawali from Maharlika.. I must say it was delicious. I topped it off with a Perugina chocolate with almond bar and chamomille tea. I am no longer embarrassed or feel weird about take out. Just some of the mixtures of foods make me think I'm pregnant. Yes I'm a man but well, I may be pregnant. Do you like leftovers?

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