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Wow that too was bad (with one stellar exception)


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Wow that too was bad (with one stellar exception)

formerly grueldelux | Jun 25, 2004 01:34 PM

Joanie posted yesterday about bad food from a Chinese takeout truck. Coincidently, I had a similar experience yesterday at the Chinese truck on Main Street in Kendall Square area (Tech. Square?) I've only visited the trucks that congregate here once in past, despite living faily close. In the past, there was often 4 or 5 trucks, one Chinese, one mostly Thai, one middle eastern and something else. Recently there's been only two trucks, the yellow Chinese one and the white mostly Thai, and they're parked right on the street rather than in a lot.

So yesterday I ordered some food from the Chinese truck and it was pretty bad except for one exception. I asked the man if he had anything unusual off the menu and he said that they had pork stomach. Here's how stupid I am. I go, tripe? He goes no, stomach. I agree to it and he brings me my styrofoam container with three different dishes, an eggplant thing, beef and potato, and the stomach. He describes them to me (Him: pig stomach. Me: Ah, tripe.)

Turns out it was pig stomach, sliced up and flecked with bits of red chilis. I've never had stomach before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I really enjoyed this version. It was, as you might guess, chewy, but in a good way. The flavour seemed to vary a lot depending on the piece, from nearly nothing to quite porky, and the chilis provided a nice contrast. I think I may like stomach better than tripe, which I've never really been that excited about. So I thank the yellow Chinese food truck for opening my eyes.

But the rest of the food stank. Everything was ice cold, first of all. Mind you, it was near 2:00 and I was probably the last customer. But still. The eggplant and the beef dishes were almost tasteless, and plopped on top were a few spears of barely cooked and ice-cold broccoli. I went back closer to opening time today to get a second experience before posting. I ordered a combo of double cooked pork and spicy sichuan chicken. Again, barely warm and nearly flavorless and again befouled by broccoli popsicles.

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