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Worst. Macarons. Ever!


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Worst. Macarons. Ever!

youareabunny | Jun 20, 2013 08:22 AM

This is around my 6th time making macarons. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I did wrong here.

From left to right
1. Color: never mind the shape and lack of feet for now :) these macarons started off as pale pink. I read that I have to color them darker than I want them because they will bake lighter. I don't feel that I overcooked them because the texture seemed right, although the insides were still pink.

2. Feet: the shape is nice here because I think I achieved a better stage at macronnage. However, no feet! I made this batch with Swiss meringue (where you heat the eggs and sugar so the sugar dissolves). These were chocolate macarons.

3. Shape: so this time I aged the egg whites several days because supposedly it helps with feet. So I got feet this time, albeit tiny ones, but now my shape is quite amorphous. While my piping skills could use some work I know I'm not that terrible. I think I did not achieve correct stage of macronnage. The green macarons were created by adding matcha powder to remaining batter. I think these came out rounder because they were stirred more, hence achieving better macronnage, so when I banged the tray against the table they rounded out more easily

-I've always gotten feet when I aged the egg whites. I always let the macarons sit to form a skin and noticed that even after sitting in front of a fan for 20-30 minutes the macarons made with fresh egg whites never formed a skin. I've read that some people don't bother aging them but for some reason it doesn't work for me.
-I've baked the macarons anywhere from 300-350 degrees. The higher temperature helps in lift but I think I sometimes burned them. I've seen recipes that called for temperatures as low as 280. Maybe I can try that.
-color: I've used that dye before when coloring white cake and it worked fine, so I'm not sure about that. I've tried pale pink and pale purple and both turned light brown but remained colorful on the inside.
-lift: the last batch had very little lift. Either I'm not piping enough batter or I'm over working them at macronnage stage or both.
-almond flour: I'm currently using almond meal from TJ which I sift and grind. Sifting gets rid of the larger skin particles and then grinding them achieves better texture. While I could be getting them finer, and without skins, I think I'm having issues in too many other categories to lay fault on this.

Any thoughts? Every single batch has its own multitude of problems lol. Strangely enough my very first batch was my best, of course I hadn't photographed that!

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