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My worst food experience of 2011-Bad Garlic!

TrishUntrapped | Jan 1, 201206:45 AM

Was there something in the air? Or in the ground? Or the water?

I'm not sure what the cause was, but I couldn't buy a good fresh head of garlic at any supermarket or store in 2011.

A lot of garlic for sale was slightly blackened and old out of the gate, or it looked okay but when chopped it was full of bitter green filaments and was definitely old. I complained to a local supermarket (Stop & Shop in Connecticut) and the produce guy agreed with me it was bad. But he said there was nothing he could do they had to sell what they were sent. He also acknowledged that I wasn't the only customer to complain about the garlic.

No matter where I shopped I found bad garlic. It wasn't very good at Trader Joe's, Stew Leonard's or a local organic food store either.

So was 2011 just a bad year for garlic? Or was I just unlucky? I use garlic quite a bit, particularly for pasta sauce, garlic bread, Lemon Garlic Chicken and Sour Cream Chicken.

Side note: Because of the poor quality of fresh garlic on occasion I bought some jarred, which I didn't really love, as well as some garlic powder. Can anyone recommend some good quality jarred/garlic powders?


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