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Worse McDonald's Item (No McD bashing, please)


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Worse McDonald's Item (No McD bashing, please)

Midknight | Aug 28, 2012 06:55 AM

There's a thread in the forum "Your Favorite McDonald item(s)". While it's pretty interesting (especially here on the seemingly anti-chain to see what menu items you folks love, I'm curious about which ONE particular on Mickey D's menu you just have to think yourself "What were they thinking?!"
I'm pretty sure most of these hated items will have been limited time "dishes. :)

But please, I don't want this to become a bashing thread, with "Everything under their roof because it's all premade and stuck under a heat lamp" type responces.

I'll obviously go first. A number of years ago, they came out with a burrito. I think it was chicken, and had red peppers. But all I truly recall is the overwhelming amount of black pepper in it. A black pepper burrito. It's a good thing it came in a combo with 2! Bleh.

How about yours? Past or current foods? Drink choices? Desserts? Their overly-sweet ketchup?

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