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its the end of the world! yum...


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its the end of the world! yum...

umbushi plum | Feb 11, 2009 12:11 PM

ok so i'll paint a littl epicture the end of the world is tommorow, so calories forget it, celiac disease who cares (yay) what are the first five snacky horrible junk food things you reach for?

1.tim tams and mint slices (aussie brand cookies)
2. soft serve vanilla ice cream dipped in rainbow sprinkles.
3. sara lee chocolate or banna cake (i know hangs head in shame)
4. salt and vinegar or barbeque poatao chips.
5.variety pack mini chocolates including bountys. mars bar, maltesers, flake, toblerone, snickers,australian freddo frogs (they rule strawberry peppermint plain etc) karemello koalas (again an aussie favourite) cherry ripes (aussie!) lindt truffles, ferrero rocher, baci little chocolates and a couple of twirls. (i think i went a little over-board but hey the world is ending!)
i must add i would indulge in much sophisticated fare also this is jsut the junk food pile!
so the list of shame for you is....?

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