Not About Food 108

Co-workers who mess with your food.

Spice_zing | Apr 19, 201212:29 PM

On a previous job I kept a jar of peanut butter and crackers in my desk for a quick snack. One day I was out of the office and when I returned the next day "Sarah" pulls me to the side and says, “You won’t believe what happened yesterday. "Bill" got the jar of peanut butter from your desk, stuck his finger in the jar, ate a big glob and said, ‘I just love peanut butter!’”

Disgusted and outraged I threw away the jar. I really wanted to confront "Bill" but "Sarah" was the only witness and asked me not to. Unfortunately the drawer couldn’t be locked so I never again brought peanut butter into the office.

Although I’ve since moved on from this job I’m sure this is a common problem in the workplace. Perhaps we could offer solutions to those plagued by aggravating co-workers who mess with your food.

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