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A better word for restaurant food than "homemade": Discuss


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A better word for restaurant food than "homemade": Discuss

DZ | Jan 15, 2004 06:39 PM

Alright, I'll make it brief, but this is a bit of a rant.

I'm really tired of restaurant food of a particular kind being referred to - inevitably in a reverent way - as "homemade." If it wasn't made in somebody's home, it's not homemade. If by "homemade," the speaker or writer means "really good," well, fine, but I have to tell you that a good seven or eight of the very worst ten meals I've ever had were made in somebody's home, and most (but NOT all) of the great meals I've had were in restaurants - so "homemade" just doesn't have that resonance for me. It can as well mean "godawful" or at least "amateurish" as "tasty."

It's also vague. What, exactly, is the quality of the food that's being described by calling it "homemade?"

Can anyone think of a better word? Has anyone else thought about this? Does everyone think I'm nuts to care?

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