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Worcester Report

Archimedic | Aug 10, 2006 01:26 PM

We had some good friends in town for the fiance’s shower so we headed out a couple evenings to sample some of Worcester’s haunts.

Friday night we had a late dinner at Brew City on Shrewsbury St. For the unfamiliar, Brew City isn’t a brew pub but what one might call a “beer bar” They boast 40 beers on tap, along with another 135 bottles. Getting ready for a wedding I’ve been cutting back but my buddy had the Raspberry UFO at my suggestion and seemed to enjoy it, he then had the Long Trail Blackberry, which was very tempting when he ordered it . Upon arriving though I was reminded that I had ordered it before as it has a strikingly light color, and similar lack of any real berry taste. To some this might appeal, but not what is expected by the name. I haven’t seen Framboise Raspberry Lambic on tap since college and have always made it a point of note about Brew City that they have it. So, there was some disappointment for the ladies when it was available neither on tap or in the bottle, especially when the promised bottle that did appear was the cherry flavor instead.

As for the food, I would only say that it was ok, my pulled pork was below average but I expected that upon ordering knowing there probably wasn’t a smoker out back. I didn’t expect , however, that my cornbread would be disgusting and basically un baked, maybe they nuked it, either way it inedible. My buddy’s noted that his crabmeat sandwich was tasty but overpowered by the bun, while his wife had the chicken genaro, a nice chicken over pasta dish which she seemed to like. Of note was the removal of the fried mushroom appetizer form the menu which had previously been a favorite.

During the shower, they boys headed out and after a stop at the tux shop made a quick detour to the Owl Shop tobacconist on Main St. It was a fortuitous visit as we were able the get the new AVO 80 cigar. For lunch we headed over to O’Connor’s. We ordered pint’s of Belhaven Scottish Ale all around, a favorite of mine so to heck with the diet. We were given some great rolls to start, my friends ordered bangers and mashed while I got the shepard’s pie. I can’t really report on the bangers except to say they were finished with out complaint. My pie was good, the meat a vegetables were much more of a soup or chili like consistency then I am used to, topped by some piped mashed potatoes finished in the oven, not great, not horrible.

That evening we headed out for some pool at Boston Billiards then over to the Piccadilly Pub for some snacks. The Pic has fallen as of late in my opinion, but we still like the nachos, multicolored and covered with cheese and some meat and beans, they did not disappoint.

Sunday morning we decided to try the Worcester diner scene for the first time. I figured for the classic experience we should do the real thing so off to the Boulevard Diner we went. The Boulevard is a real Worcester dining car, upon entering there is the counter with maybe 8-10 seats, that morning filled with folks in Harley regalia, and 5 or 6 benches. Don’t come with more than a party of 4 because that’s all that will squeeze into the booths. Coffee was ordered and came with cream all around, black would have been preferred, but we decided not to argue. Later it was observed the coffee was in fact quite good, mostly likely due to this creaming. The table split between French toast and omelets. My sausage and cheese was quite good, oozing with melted American just the way I like it. The toast was sliced French bread already buttered and no jelly in sight, the home fries were typically disappointing and saved with only generous amounts of ketchup. The french toast received praise from all immediately upon arrival as looking great. Sliced Italian bread with great coating detracted only by the run of the mill Aunt Jemima that accompanied it we. We left full and with a seat that was empty for only a few seconds before the next diner fan filled our place.

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