I May Get My Woodstove After All! Recommendations?


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I May Get My Woodstove After All! Recommendations?

kaleokahu | Apr 21, 2011 08:35 PM

Hi, All:

A unique opportunity just presented itself... I found a 1907 Craftsman-style farmhouse (now swallowed up by my big city). Heated--legally--by big woodstove in the parlor and original hot-water radiators throughout the house.

But the *really* good news is that the kitchen has its own chimney, and the penetration/fittings for a wood cookstove are all there, and the flue and space allows for a big stove plus an aux gas burner. This is really a dream-come-true for me, since I remember my tutu's 1890s house with its big wood cookstove.

Any recommendations on vintage cookstoves?

And to my friends who decry anything but induction for "putting heat into the air", the smart folks who built this house didn't bother with putting ANY heat into the kitchen. But there's a big south-facing bay window not far from where that too-hot stove will be.

I think this is going to work out just fine,


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