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Woodside redux

dacoit | Aug 11, 2010 01:28 PM

Moving back to the area after some time away (this time closer to the Sunnyside side), and figured I would fire up a general Woodside post since the previous one is getting quite old ( Any major developments over the last year or so worth noting? Downhill or uphill alerts, new joints, major closures, etc? I offer a few of my own observations interspersed with a few questions.

-The brilliant tamale vendor (Antojitos Mexicanos) seems to be gone. In fact I saw the actual cart with a for sale sign on a sidestreet. Is this the usual summertime tamale break, or a real closure?
-Kathmandu Spice is excellent, but the hours of this Nepali (really Tibetan)-Brazilian joint are totally unpredictable. Seems to be closed as often as open.
-Tia Julia, the folks behind the top-ranking JH/Corona Cemita truck, has a storefront in Woodside and apparently delivers. Is the quality up to the level of the truck?
-Basmati Table in Sunnyside, a fairly new gringo Indian joint (not a dining desi in sight), is actually pretty good and not too overpriced for a sit-down place. Certainly not a patch on the standbys in Jax Hts in terms of price or food quality, but solid food and decent atmosphere, plus BYOB.
-Has a consensus emerged on the best 61st St Mexican truck? Have heard good things about the 65th St one, is this still worth trying?

-Any decent fishmonger in the area yet? Used to go to the sushi/fishmarket place on Roos/low 60s in a pinch, but now that place is closed. Still the closest reliable market I know of is Seatide on Roos/90s. Anything closer?
-Is there a place around to buy bulk grains reasonably (brown rices, quinoa, millets, etc)? Jin's on Roos/~60th has a few things, but spotty selection and fairly high prices.
-Where do people buy alcohol? I usually stick with 5 Star near Roos/Woodside crossing for wine and booze. Halfway decent selection of wines, though they need to work on liquor (rum and tequila, for example, are dead zones). Have yet to find a place around with anything like a good beer selection.
-Cheese: had a look at Sapori d'Ischia, but stuff seemed to be sitting around for a while and prices were unclear. What are people's standbys for good hard cheeses (romano, parm, etc) and cheeseplate fare beyond the massmarket grocery stuff?

Excited to hear replies to the above and any other thoughts people might have to offer.

dacoit fka elbev

Antojitos Mexicanos
61-17 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Tia Julia
91st St and Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

95-31 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

Tia Julia
68-06 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Basmati Table
46-11 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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