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A wonderful time at Komi- Long Review


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A wonderful time at Komi- Long Review

Mrspvr | Sep 8, 2005 01:15 PM

Had never been there before. We are new here. What a wonderful experience. Not as noisy and packed as I've read that it gets on the weekends. We were there last night about 7pm and didn't have too many other diners join us until about 8pm.

We were treated to stylish service that never exchanged warmth and interest for pretension. Our server was Lisa and our maitre de?, sommelier?, master of ceremonies? was Sebastian. They were both completely genuine and enhanced our experience greatly.

We started with a gift from the kitchen of warm stuffed dates with marscapone cheese. I am still not over them. Wowie. A perfectly measured few grains of salt set the sweetness of these delectible morsels off. I thought I was ruined by these things for the night they were so good.

Sebastian chose a bottle of wine for us. He did a fantastic job. A tempranillo that got better and better and better every time you picked up your glass.

Our appetizer was a smattering of items that made the stuffed dates seem like a far away dream. Everything on this plate was delicious and fun to eat. Lots of different textures and temperatures and flavors all laying harmoniously on the dish. We'd ordered the squash blossoms and they came on this plate. They were stuffed with cheese and battered tempora style. Like a very snooty and delectible popper. Mmmmm........

A tiny cast iron pot held warm olives that maybe had some cloves? or something very earthy like that. A very tasty constrast to the oil and salt from the olive.

Fried rissoto balls...what's not to like about that?

A mixture of what may have been a white beet in a sour creme or creme fresh sauce? Delightful.

Some slices of meat that absolutely must have been house cured sat flat on the plate under some cheese shavings. LOVED this. Have I forgotten something on this plate? Not sure, but you get the idea.

Tried the watermelon appetizer as well. Loved this. The salt from the feta cheese made the watermelon sing. The mustard greens were perfect for this.

Next we had the chestnut pasta with chanterelles. I told my server (Lisa) that if she could just fill up a bathtub with this dish I'd be happy to swim through it for the next several hours. This dish tasted great with our wine. I just can't imagine what words that a poet may come up with to describe this but it seems only fair to this pasta that only a poet should be licenced to describe it. Made both of us swoon. There were some perfectly roasted, very sweet and tasty kernels of corn in this dish. I liked them but I wouldn't have missed them if they weren't there.

We had the suckling pig and the stuffed hen for entrees. (Can you believe we're eating this much??) The hen was stuffed with dates? i thnk. The meat was tender, juicy and delicious. Seasonings were balanced so well. They served to enhance the meat, not overpower it. Absolutely phenomenal.

Now. The sucking pig. We still do not understand the process that they used to plate this thing. My husband says it seems like they had to have removed the meat and cooked it, cleaned the bone completely, and then reformed the cooked meat around the bone. Whatever they did...this is what I would ask for if I was facing my execution date and was given a choice for my last meal. The bacon pieces (not flat like on your breakfast plate, but sliced in mouthwatering small chunks) took the dish from ridiculously good to scathingly delicious. Only Satan himself can be the keeper of this recipe. I don't care how Komi got a hold of it, I just know that if a piece of my soul is gone because I ate it, then I don't think I mind.

The generous portion of Satan's pig rested on a bed of polenta so creamy and decadent that we almost didn't recognize it at first. You would almost think it was some sort of a sauce. So good! The suckling pig dish reminded both of us a dish we ate at Grammercy Tavern in New York. If anything at all reminds me of the food at Grammercy Tavern, then you know you've made a loyal fan out of me for life.

Sabastian picked dessert wine for us and suggested dessert. Once again, he scored extremely high on the wine selection. One of them was very good. The other was so good I can't wait to return and drink it again, all pig aside.

Dessert was another delight from the kitchen. We also tried the cookie plate. I don't know why I am such a cookie girl, but these were so good. One of them tasted like a cashew brittle. One of them was shortbread with raisens and one of them was round and filled. Can't remember with what. These cookies rocked! The chocolate dessert that was recommended tasted unbelievably good with the dessert wine.

I know this is a very long post, but I need to remark one more time on the staff and the service at Komi. There was not a detail missed. Every tiny way that our experience here could have benefitted from the interaction of the staff was anticipated. I expected very much for there to be an undercurrent here of attitude, pretension, or brusqueness. I couldn't have been more wrong. Sebastian and Lisa as well as the other staff on the floor were a courteous, personable, professional, and knowledgable team that was equally as good at what they do as the kitchen is at making me say, "Mmmmmm...." after bite. The kitchen and the dining room staff are lucky to have each other.

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