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Wonderful food at Danish Seaman's Church Festival


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Wonderful food at Danish Seaman's Church Festival

Lambretta76 | Nov 19, 2005 01:49 PM

I thought I had seen the post here earlier, but I may have been mistaken.

Anyways, I headed over to Brooklyn Heights this morning for the celebration at the Danish Seaman's Church on Willow (also at the Zion Lutheran Church on Henry).

The first stop was the Zion Lutheran Church, where they have set up the kitchen in the basement. Lots of open faced sandwiches - all which were interesting. We sampled:

* Danish meatballs with beets
* Roast beef with aoli and (for lack of a better word) pork shavings
* Roast pork with oranges, pickled cabbage, and Boston lettuce
* Pork liver spread with salted beef, beef broth aspic, and onions

The last was the most interesting - the beef broth aspic was something I have never seen served cold on a sandwich like this.

We also had a order of small, round pancakes served with jam and powdered sugar, a strawberry Danish, and another small baked good with marzipan.

Everything was at least OK, with the roast pork sandwich and the marzipan baked good being very good. Also on offer were open-faced sandwiches slathered with baby shrimp, but my fiancess is allergic to shellfish so I passed on that. Along with two coffees, this came to $21. As it was before 11, we passed on the Tuborg and Carlsberg, which everyone else seemed to be drinking. (I'd usually be all for it, but I've had a rough couple of nights as of late.)

They also had Danish candies for sale - it's a licorice lover's fantasy. I ended up getting some gummie maggots - apparently the name translates into "Lovely Larvae" or something like that.

We then went over to the Danish Seaman's Church on Willow which has a much larger selection of foods to take home, and a small tent out back serving hotdogs (apparently from Denmark) along with glogg, which was quite tasty. (Though I think it may have had radishes in it - I couldn't quite tell what the crucnh slivers were.)

Anyways, this is a great chance to try a food that doesn't usually show up in these parts. Plus, I think all of the proceeds go to help the church, and the prices aren't too bad. (The sandwiches are on the smaller side, save for the shrimp one, which was HUGE!)

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