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Wondee V

Daniel76 | Apr 5, 2009 05:51 PM

The Wondee's are a collection of restaurants.. I do not know if there is one single owner but, I doubt it.. They tend to be inconsistent from place to place.. I was a big fan of them about 8 or 10 years ago.. Then, I believe they only had the one place.. It was a small little stand where you had to walk through the kitchen to use the restroom..

Since then, I have gone to other Thai Spots. Mostly Pam, Sripraprhai and Zaab in Queens. I guess they have opened four more.. Sure, I did not completely dis my old friend but, I was often disappointed upon returning.. There was a meal I had in a snow storm 4 years back that was wonderful.. But, there were several poor meals in since then..

For some reason, this restaurant's opening went unnoticed to me.. Just 20 blocks away, there is this really good Thai Restaurant.. In fact, the block has gathered a nice trio of spots.. You have Thai Market, Taqueria Y Fonda and Wondee. We had a really nice dinner here tonight..

Unlike the other Wondees I have been to down in the 40's, this spot is a lot cleaner, sleeker, and obviously newer. They have beer and wine which, I am not sure the others do..

We started with a couple of salads.. Miss A's love, catfish.. We also ordered a pork larb..

Besides the food being good here, the portions are huge.. I guess because it's in a college area but, the food we ordered could feed 6 people..

Pork Larb:This was a good version.. A little tame on the spice but, they could have been taking it easy on us.. Next time, I will ask for hotter.. Love the large slices of ginger.

Often times we are tempted order a second catfish salad at Sri or other places... We did not finish the entire salad here.. It was huge.. Really good too.. They play around a lot with the sweet, salty, sour, spicy flavors.. There was a sweetness in the dishes that I could not place.. It was not overly sweet or unpleasant.. It was subtle.. I am thinking there was something in the catfish batter maybe.. Miss A will be taking us back here shortly, I am sure.

The chop was dried out.. They have pork leg and mustard greens I would have ordered..

Fried snapper was excellent! Perfectly fried, great chili sauce.. Exactly what I was looking for..

We had coconut custard with sticky rice for dessert.. Again, another huge portion..

If you want a lot of variety, I suggest you bring a crew... Food is very good.. Excellent for the area.. Something tells me Wondee V will prevent a trip or two over the 59th st bridge.

Service is slow, not incompetent, more European, so like the people you are eating with.

Favorite Thai dish right now.

Mieng Ka Na chinese broccoli leaf with yam dried pork salad.. Fantastic. ey use to have a version of this at Pam. Basically a collection of pork, dried shrimp, chunks of galangal, yam, chunks of lime rind, all mixed together... You eat it wrapped with the broccoli leaf.

Also the catfish ped ped is really, really good.. Ask for it and everything very spicy.. They do deliver the spice When Asked..

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