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Wolfgang's Steakhouse (long review)

Chew A' Chew | Apr 25, 2006 05:14 PM

Went to Wolfgang's Steakhouse last Friday with three other co-workers. After hearing so much raves about this new Steakhouse, I finally had a chance to try it.

So here's my recap and reviews,

Made the reservation at 6pm, we arrived at around 6.08pm from work. Without further delays, four men in suits and ties were seated right away. One of my coworkers was quite impressed with the decor of the place.

After looking at the menu and the wine list for 10-15 minutes, we were basically four hungry guys in the mood for some bloody tasty meat, so we order the following...

8 Strips of Canadian Bacon
1 Order of Raw Oysters
1 Order of Wolfgang's Salad
1 Order of Crab Cake
1 Order of Jumbo Shrimp

While I cannot speak for my coworkers, I can speak for what I ordered and ate. The strips of bacon were fabulous, imho, they were comparable to the ones I normally had at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, they were thicked and flavorful. Honestly, I'd rather come here for the bacon than travelling all the way to Brooklyn

Next, my raw oysters appetizers, nothing to brag about, raw oysters are raw oysters. Freshness were descent, it's pretty good for what they were. I think it was like 6 or 8 (I don't remember) raw oysters on half shells.

2 bottles of Chataeu Cheval Blanc, St Emilion 1999
2 bottles of Barolo Pio Cesare 1999

Both were excellent, and the price were as expected for a restaurant on this location with such reputation. Of course, we didn't pay for all of these meals, so we could care less. :)

2 Steak for Two (Porterhouse) both medium-rare
1 Fillet Mingon for a colleague who doesn't like Porterhouse.

So basically three of us were sharing the 2 Steak for two, they were quite excellent, cooked to perfection as the ones you would normally got from Peter Luger in Brooklyn. I was afraid that they might overcook it (a problem I've been having at Peter Luger in Brooklyn), though most steakhouse tend to undercook, but these two entrees come out perfect to our liking.

I was quite delighted to see how they were able to copy Peter Luger's Steak style, the 2 Porterhouse Steaks arrived cut up into several pieces on both sides (Filet and Sirlion), the same flowing beef juice, mixed with raw blood, and melted fat, can be seen, the waiter even slant the plate a little bit at an angle to make the pool of beef juice contained on the lower end of the plate and scooped it on top of the meat, just like at Peter Lugers. We were happy and ready to jump for it.

Next, how did they taste ?

Ok, presentation were great. So now, how did they compare to Luger's Steak ? Upon biting on the meat, I could feel the intense meat juice sensation on my mouth, and the meat tenderness were also kept to the precision, even the meat quality was definilty on par with Peter Luger. In short, everything felt almost the same at Peter Luger in Brooklyn. It was perfect except... except... the meat flavor doesn't seem to be as mellifluous and as savory as the one I got from Peter Luger during their best nights.

So in other words, Peter Luger is still better, but it was only because I've been to PL so many times over the year, and had experience one of their best nights. Sadly however, I felt that Peter Luger has been going down the hills, with inconsistency, and really, maybe if Wolfgang's continues what it served us last Friday, I would rather go to 33rd St and Park. If I can get roughly the same quality of meat during Peter Luger's average night, then why should I pay extras for cabs or car services and sometimes get aggrivated to get reservations and take a risk at Peter Luger's these days ?

As side dishes, we ordered
Cream Spinach
German Potatoes
Wolfgang Potato Chips

Although the german potatoes and the mushrooms were ok, and good enough, I still like the german potatoes at Peter Luger. The Cream Spinach though, needs improvement, because they tasted like Chinese veggie stirfry to me, I didn't taste the cream at all. The Wolfgang Potato Chips was nothing to brag about, but I heard some people love it for its crispiness, maybe it's not just my cup of tea.

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Creme Brulee
Ice Cream

A few glases of cognag and whiskey


Well, it's a steak house what can I tell you. But I think it's nice to have a slightly more modern and variety on the menu compared to Peter Luger. Nothing in the desert department was worth a mentioned to me, honestly, but nothing was bad either.

Overall.. as I said above, unless I am really craving for Peter Luger, hoping for one of their best nights, which I haven't had for almost two years now, I would probably take the $8 cab ride to Murray Hill instead :)

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