Wolf 30" rangetop to replace 30" cooktop



Wolf 30" rangetop to replace 30" cooktop

tzakiel | Dec 3, 2009 06:26 AM

I want to install this 30" gas rangetop:

Where I currently have a 30" gas cooktop, picture attached.

The rangetop has controls along the front as opposed to up on top of the counter, so I'm thinking I can just have the granite cut to fit the new rangetop and the cabinet below can have the top cut away where the blank panel is now (to expose the rangetop controls) and the doors below can be saved. Is this correct / feasible? The document I linked above says something about a platform under the rangetop. About how much would it cost to have the granite and cabinet modified? Has anyone attempted something similar?

I don't think a 36" rangetop would be possible, we'd have to change the drawers on the right and left... the space is 30" wide. Although I wish it was possible.

I'm really not happy with the cooktop. The controls are truly in the way and I've already melted 2 knobs.

Any thoughts on the wolf 30" sealed rangetop or rangetops in general vs. cooktops?

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