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Wok recommendation? Cast iron and seasoning?

cheyennew | Jan 5, 201109:12 AM

I have a question about cast iron and seasoning. In the past we have used one main wok-like pan to do everything--eggs, stir fry, risotto, browning meat, etc. It was one of those Joyce Chen non-stick type things (not a teflon though, some other non-stick surface) and it was great for a few months but then started getting crusty on the bottom. We've switched the egg cooking to a stainless/copper pan and that's good but now I need to replace the wok.

I am leaning toward the cast iron woks but am somewhat afraid of keeping the seasoning and maintenance. I have a big ol' cast iron skillet that we use for bacon or steak but I managed to ruin it more or less*. I do a lot of stir fry stuff and saucy things (tikka masala, etc.) with more acidic ingredients and I am wondering if a cast iron wok is just not the right thing for this? I want to just buy ONE nice pan and I want it to be large and I'm used to the wok shape. Any recommendations? Can a cast iron/seasoned wok be used to cook acidic things (like tomato sauce)? Any other non-stick sort of things that would work but also handle high heat browning without charring off the non-stick?

*Yes I know everyone says you can't ruin a cast iron pan but I put it on a high electric burner to dry after washing and then got distracted by the baby. I remembered when black smoke began filtering out of the kitchen. It was glowing red on the bottom and now it's rounded and wobbly--kind of just rolls around on the burner. I re-seasoned it and we still use it for all meaty things but.. well. I'm lame.

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