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Got a wok as a gift! my seasoning adventure

cannibal | Apr 1, 2012 11:02 PM

So my awesome sister gifted me a 16" round bottom carbon steel wok from the wokshop. After having read so many threads on seasoning and wok care that it felt second-nature, even though i'd never done a wok before.
I have a bayou classic SP10 burner that cranks out about 175k btu according to the site if that's to be believed, though I used it at about half the full output.
I started off washing the wok with detergent and then towel drying it.
I fired up the burner and put the wok on it until the impurities burned off and the color of the steel turned brighter. Hard to describe but if you youtube videos of chinese chefs seasoning their woks they go through this process.
after i hit all the areas of the wok, i used tongs and a paper towel to wipe it down with a very thin coating of flax seed oil. then turned the wok to get all areas to the black color i was after.
I seared some scallions and ginger as tradition would mandate, and turned off the heat.
i cleaned the wok with a bamboo whisk and then in the sink once it was cool enough.

I seared up some shrimp to test the seasoning and they just skated around inside the pan like ice cubes :)
sorry no pictures, they were too tasty for me to put the fork down!

I really want to thank everyone on this board for the wealth of information you provide. I wouldn't have gotten such great results if it weren't for you :)


*edit* the below picture includes a before, during, and after shot but in the preview you only see the "during" since i stitched them all together into 1 photo

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