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I'm getting wisdom teeth taken out!


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I'm getting wisdom teeth taken out!

JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester) | Jun 25, 2002 12:44 AM

I can hardly wait for this... really. Honest. I'm going in to get all four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I've already gone through a bunch of cookbooks and old issues of Cook's Illustrated and have found quite a few tasty looking things that don't take much in the way of chewing. I've already got about 8 different soups, oatmeal, a couple of risottos, delicious looking mashed potatoes, smoothies, and enough sweets to last a month (the cheesecake is looking especially good right now). Do any of you have ideas for other foods that are interesting, tasty, and liquid (or at the least semi-solid)?

Oh- on the list of suggested foods they had pasta. HA! Macaroni and cheese, I can see happening, but haven't these people ever heard of "al dente"? To the TOOTH? I think not. I'd rather go hungry than eat mushy, overcooked pasta.

I'm looking forward to your ideas, everyone! Thanks.

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