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Winterlicous - Edo

abscissa | Jan 31, 2008 05:30 PM

Had: the trademark edo salad, the duck, maki, the "kobe beef", the pear with ice cream.

Promply seated, promptly served. In fact, the edo salad was there when I sat down (my guest had arrived minutes earlier).

The duck was the highlight for me. Thin strips, quite tender, quite good. Nice noodle soup in benito broth. However -- and I realise this is a strange complaint -- the bowl was square and came with one of those standard asian spoons which made it imposisble to use. Normally I pick up the bowl and drink but I felt really uncomfortable doing that with this giant square bowl for whatever reason. So had to leave some soup in the bowl.

Maki (no nigiri)... and there was a hand roll... Nothing exciting here. I was terrified they would be california rolls. It came close. No fish of note, the sauces were good.

"Kobe beef" -- ok what this is, is a cottage pie with cheese and mushrooms wrapped in a crepe on a bed of rice. The beef was good, but it was ground up, which I wasn't sure that I was expecting. NOW TRY AND EAT THIS WITH CHOPSTICKS... I have eaten Japanese many times before, many dishes, and never had a problem eating with chopsticks. This is a big thing, you can't just pick it up and take a bite. So you are stabbing the crepe and then you cut into it with your wooden (splinters) chopsticks. I didn't ask for a fork, and i tried to eat as much as I could, -- and I usually always finish every grain of rice (I am adept enough to pick up a single grain !! :) ) but I was not going to sit there trying to pick up every last bit of corn, ground beef, rice, etc. However the dish was good, but not very Japanese I thought...

Now how was I waiting half an hour for a scoop of ice cream with some fruit after everything else came immediately? Once again, an itsy bitsy spoon was fine for the ice cream, but on a flat dish did not do well for cutting fruit or picking up the melted ice cream. I don't know who was thinking what when they plated this stuff.

The waitress described evreything at length in melodious detail -- and even advised which parts of the dish were edible -- but I was really uncomfortable when she was pointing at things on the plates with her finger, two centimeters from the food. She was obviously new so I am not being picky here, but that was the service.

Make sure you get a fork and a proper spoon if you plan on finishing everything on your plate. For $25, I did not feel robbed at all (like is standard at Edo) though the tea, of course, was $3.

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