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"X% of wines are corked."

eethan | Sep 30, 201111:14 AM

I was browsing another thread ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/803940 ) which recalled to me an oft-bandied claim/statistic that supposes some surprising percentage (e.g. 5%, 10%) of wines are corked.

In a word: is it true?

I have never knowingly tasted or managed to identify a corked wine--I know it happens and have heard/seen many descriptions of corking's flavour 'profile', just never has it obviously occurred in a bottle that I've encountered. So I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the figure is based upon someone's random-sampling chemical analysis revealing TCA in many wines, or if rather it comes from some discerning taster's / tasters' experiences running through several wines and tallying results? Or is it just a 'fuzzy-recall/estimate' statistic thrown out when a conversation seems lacking in hyperbole?

(I think that was many more words than I set out to write.)

(Afterthought: before you light into my ignorant palate, I am not a prodigious wine taster, and all relevant corollaries etc.)

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