Can these wines be aged?

ConsApi | Oct 1, 201706:29 PM     3

I have a few reds that I 'm considering aging. The question is, is it worth it? Some time in the mid 1980s, I bought a relatively inexpensive Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, and somehow it got lost in my cellar until circa 2004, when I found it, opened it, and really enjoyed it. Not a trace of tannin or acid, very smooth and mellow. I have read that not all red wines benefit form this sort of thing. I wonder if a few bottle I have mght benefit:

1) I found another lost bottle -- a 1981 cab from Byrd Winery in the Catoctin Valley, Maryland. The winery is no longer in business. What's interesting is that the alcohol content is only 12%, unlike today's reds, which are bottled at 13% or even 15%. Is this even drinkable? Or is it something special that will require elaborate decanting?

2) Last year, I was enjoying a 2010 Syrah from Gilgal, Galillee, Israel. Then, the stores started stocking the 2011 vintage, which was OK, but not quite as good. I have one bottle of the 2010 left. Should I drink it, or will it improve with age?

3) Last summer (2016), we stopped at the Armida Winery in Sonoma County. I have left from that trip a bottle of 2013 Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, Maple Vinyards. Does this wine have potential for aging, or should I drink it up now?

Finally, any idea for picking some relatively inexpensive reds that would be worthwhile to age for 5 - 10 years? (I'm not getting any younger.)

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