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Wine upselling, or am I being picky?


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Wine upselling, or am I being picky?

Sherri | Jun 14, 2006 11:17 AM

At a popular oceanfront restaurant in Del Mar, CA over the weekend, four of us were looking forward to a decent meal. The men chose Belgian beer and we ladies opted for an inexpensive ($27) bottle of Pinot Grigio to accompany our sea bass/scallop dinners. The waitress returned with the news that our wine choice was sold out but we should switch to the $50 Pinot Grigio instead because "it's better". "No, thank you" I replied and ordered a bottle of Chardonnay instead. I chose not to question the waitress about this because of the "uncomfortable factor" for the rest of the party.

In this case, if the wine was truly sold out, I would have hoped that the "better" wine be brought at the original price as a nice gesture on the part of the restaurant.

Is this wishful thinking? or was it a blatant attempt at upselling? Whatever the answer, it put a bit of a pall on our dining experience. I've written to the F&B manager and hope for a reasonable answer.

What do you think hounds?

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