Wine tasting experiences that linger in your memory


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Wine tasting experiences that linger in your memory

dd992emo | Jul 2, 2008 02:25 PM

The "A Great Night of Wine Tasting " thread reminded me of tasting room memories. In the late 70s there wasn't a lot of traffic in the Sonoma Valley. I lived in Navy housing at Hamilton AFB (the slums of Marin) and a cheap Sunday was a drive up to Geyserville and work our way back south. Being introduced to wine taught me more than school. Some things I will never forget:

Ringing the bell at the tiny tasting room at Foppiano so someone would come out of the house and help you. It was right in the middle of the garden and when you left you had to take some zucchini with you.

Hanging pictures for Dr Marty Griffin at Hop Kiln, very soon after they opened. I was tall enough to hammer in the nails without a ladder.

Watching in amazement as Manny Held entertained people in the garage tasting room at Davis Bynum. The guy was incredible. High motor and explained a couple of wine names to a Chinese friend of mine like this..."Charbonno. Not Cher Bono." and "Beaujolais. Think of it like this 'It's not the boys you date. It's the boys you lay." Later worked at Inglenook (Coppola the last time I was out there).

John Soule at Pedroncelli's tasting room. Class guy. He was in his 70s then and still drove a Porsche like a maniac. Used to fly his little plane over the valley and drop toilet paper bombs on his neighbors. Could tell stories and pour wine for hours at a time. Had to help him wash glasses more than once.

Great memories...

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