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Wine taste v. price


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Wine taste v. price

CliffA | Mar 6, 2002 08:09 AM

The $65,000 wine on an expense account thread reminded me about an earlier discussion about an article that indicated that indicated that wine critics/reviewers/connoisseurs could not essentially tell the difference between a fairly inexpensive wine and a very costly bottle. In fact, in some blind tastings (was it that one?), they couldn't tell the difference between red and white.

The "best" i've ever had is a $200 bottle and, frankly, i didn't think it was that very much better than a $40 bottle. The really best wine i've ever tasted was a really limited red from a small winery in California that cost me about $18 a bottle (in 1972--i got a case).

So. Is any bottle of anything really worth $12-16 THOUSAND dollars? Has anyone ever had such an egregiously expensive wine? How was it? I feel guilty having a $50 meal when kids are, you know, starving in...wherever it is they're starving these days. Take your pick. You really have to be/do/have (insert appropriate masculine-Freudian imagery here) to spend that kind of rhino on something to drink.

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