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Wine Recommendations for Clams and Mussels


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Wine Recommendations for Clams and Mussels

Miss Needle | Dec 8, 2004 10:02 PM

Hi guys. I'm cooking a birthday dinner for my boyfriend this Saturday night. There really isn't a great balance or cohesiveness to the menu. I'm just trying to recreate some of the dishes we have when we vacation in Prince Edward Island. He's absolutely infatuated with the place.

For appetizers, I'd like to start off with stuffed clams (Italian syle with bread crumbs). The main course would be steamed mussels with garlic and herbs served with crisp corn pudding. I'm debating whether to serve poutine as well (we make it quite often in PEI). I would like to serve some sort of green vegetable -- probably a simple steamed greens with almonds. I'm going to attempt the Dalvay sticky date pudding for dessert.

I would really appreciate some wine suggestions for the appetizer and main course. Was thinking about a gewurztraminer as I'll be making the stuffed clams and mussels with a good helping of chiles. Prince Edward has a really poor selection of wines. It's controlled by the government. While I'd like to obtain a wine from Jost vineyard for memory sake, I don't think it will be easy to find in New York. I'm also not sure if I should serve a dessert wine with the pudding as the dessert is incredibly sweet. I'm thinking that a dessert wine would be too much.

It would also be great if you guys can provide me with the specific names of the wines, including the years. THanks so much!

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