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Wine Preservation - need advice from those in the know :-)


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Wine Preservation - need advice from those in the know :-)

mtm | Nov 17, 2005 06:20 AM

Looking for a holiday gift for my hubby, who enjoys wine. I very rarely drink it, but would like to encourage him to drink it when he'd like vs. waiting 'til he has others to help him get through bottles.

Right now, he uses a simple wine pump thing to try & remove air to help it last longer. I read however, that this may only keep the wine at its proper flavor for a day or less. Sometimes he doesn't want it daily...rather, at most 2-3x/week.

Have read about cans of CO2 mix/spray that one can add to open bottles that can preserve wine for up to a year. One vineyard we visited said that's what those in the industry often use to preserve wines, after big wine shows, tastings, etc.

Would you recommend I just get some of these (cheap, $12/can but not 'special'-looking)....OR, would you recommend a new product that's out, called the PEK, preservation system? Here's a link, if that's ok to put case you haven't come across it yet.

I read about it in Time magazine & also, saw it on a House & Garden show tonight.
Since I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to wine, could REALLY use your help/advice w/this. Hate to spend $200 if it's all just a big sell, & the C02 (Private Preserve) cans are best.

Here's a link covering all the options for storing open wines including the cans:

Also, I'm considering an orbital decanter to help his red wine breathe...if any of you have these...also would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks so much!!
-- From a Chowhound Wine Newbie :-)

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