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wine policies and regulations (KC)...long


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wine policies and regulations (KC)...long

squirrel | Dec 11, 2004 09:12 AM

This continues a thread from the Midwest board that was pulled as being off-topic. While it is specific to Kansas City, I know others share the confusion/concern/dismay surrounding wine and liquor laws.

Generally in Kansas City it is against the law for people to bring their own wine into a restaurant. The verbage apparently leaves room for interpretation and this has resulted in some restaurants allowing some patrons to bring wine, while others go strictly by the rules (and who can blame them, considering they can be fined heavily and/or shut down if there is a spy in the room).

I witnessed a group of patrons flagrantly violating this and doing so in a way that left the chef/owner no choice but to accomodate them or I'm quite sure there would have been a scene. I initiated a discussion with him about this, since I had called ahead to see if we might bring a special bottle and was told that they didn't have a corkage policy and please do not bring wine.

The problem here is that those who toe the line come-off looking greedy, like they're trying to make their profit from wine mark-ups. We parted friends and I have a new understanding of YET ANOTHER issue that makes owning a restaurant challenging.

The restaurant, bluestem, may just be the best in town now in terms of consistent quality, attention to detail, and well-written menus exploiting wonderful, seasonal ingredients. I would eat there if they served only tap water to drink (but I'm glad that's not the case...their wine selection is well thought out and selected to complement the cuisine).

If you care to read more about corkage policies where not dictated by law, I'm attaching a link to an article from Wine Country Living


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