wine pairing with cold cherry soup


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wine pairing with cold cherry soup

Asomaniac | Mar 15, 2012 02:51 AM

I must admit this one has me stumped. A friend with a Hungarian background has invited me for dinner. He will be preparing a Hungarian meal and the starter will be a cold cherry soup, a Hungarian staple. He has asked me to pair it with some wine. He doesn't have a clue what to pair it with... I am a little stumped as well. Moscato? A rose? A dry, oaky furmint? An Alsatian white (all the usual suspects in terms of grape varieties)?

His preference is red wine, which has me stumped even more. if there is a bit of spice in the soup, like nutmeg, I could envisage a light and spicy Cote du Rhone, or even a Burgundy Pinot of a certain type. Possibly gamay. But those are all imperfect solutions. Also, unfortunately some of the guests are not real wine lovers so I can't overcomplicate it with wines that may be suitable but might be 'difficult' and not immediately accessible to people who like wine, but aren't that into it.

As ever, any advice would be very gratefully appreciated.

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