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Lulu | Feb 25, 2003 05:04 PM

We were recently at a pretty fancy restaurant - very rare for us to splurge in the $200/300 range, but this was a celebration meal. Perhaps we were a little more distracted than usual but an odd thing happened and I wanted your opinions.
We were given menus, asked what kind of water we wanted, served bread and then the waiter took our orders.
No wine list was brought at any point.
I imagined that this must be peculiar to this restaurant, perhaps their sommelier brought the list and discussed options after one ordered food - something. So we said nothing. About 10 minutes passed and still nothing.
So we asked - could we have a wine list. The waiter said, oh so sorry did you ask earlier, and I just forgot to bring the list ? We said no, we'd forgotten to ask (trying not to embarass him, as he was extremely nice and helpful).
He brought the list but it all took time, and so we ended up being served our first courses before we'd chosen wine to accompany them, and had to rush to choose the next wine and it just threw the dinner off a bit.
I am not complaining about the service, the waiter and sommelier were very good. I am just curious about the wine list issue - is this particular to very high end places, and if so why ?
Appreciate your thoughts.

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