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Wine Left Off the Bill--Twice in a Row?

BlueTrain84 | Dec 28, 201405:59 AM     12

The last two meals we've gone out for have been at high-end restaurants, one in NYC and one in Boston. In both instances, the bottle of wine we ordered was left off the bill (~$60). At the first dinner, we consulted the sommelier and discussed a few options, and at the second dinner we asked the server about a few different bottles, so in both cases there was a focus on which bottle we were choosing. When we realized the wine was missing from the first bill, we notified the server and he added it on and gave us the restaurant's business card with a note on the back "for next time we return." At the second meal, we notified the server that the wine was missing and he apologized and put it on the bill. Obviously the right thing to do in these situations is to let the restaurant know about the discrepancy, but is it odd that in neither case were we really thanked or had an appetizer comped or something? These were both fine dining establishments we've been to before, it seems odd that something as basic as getting the check right was missed.

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